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Modern Trade Display Audit Tet 2015


  KingBee's comprehensive solution: We organized a skillful QC team, available nationwide,  equipped with Mobile Apps and sophisticated Real Time Location software to solve the P [...]

Wholesalers Sales-Out Support at Wet Markets


  Challenges: Pushing sales-out of Phu Si soya source for retailers and wholesalers at wet markets   Solution: KingBee with team and Realtime Location Application.    How it w [...]

SoYumm wholesales support



  Survey: Wholesaler Survey Target: Learnt the root causes behind the blocking status of whole sales to So Yumm sausage We take a survey to reach 5W-questions: What brand w/s li [...]

Event - Sales Brief - Invida


     Event - Sales Brief INVIDA Client: Invida Target:  Doctors Location: Ha Noi, Ho Chi Minh city Outcome: 400 doctors   [...]

Kích hoạt thương mại tại chợ cùng nước tương Phú Sĩ

Sale out service by KingBee with Phu Si soya sauce


Challenges: To push sales-out of Phu Si soya sauce for retailers at 660 markets in 15 provinces in Central and Eastern South Solution: We pushed sale via retailers, with pro [...]