KingBee Activation

Wholesalers Sales-Out Support at Wet Markets

- Activation
- QC/Merchandising Audit


Challenges: Pushing sales-out of Phu Si soya source for retailers and wholesalers at wet markets


Solution: KingBee with team and Realtime Location Application. 


How it work:



How we can management it:

   - Team leader is equipped with hardware and mobile apps to report real time to center.

   - Team leader has to check-in in time and make sure everything is ready.



   - Every 30 minutes team leader takes 1 photo at site, then submits to system. The last photo must be sent at the last minute of the working shift at site.



   - Within 4 hours after finishing working shift, team leader has to report to system the result of that day.


KingBee Activation Campaigns (2) Sampling and actvation campaign with Washington Apple