KingBee Activation

SoYumm wholesales support

- Sampling
- Activation
- QC/Merchandising Audit


Survey: Wholesaler Survey

Target: Learnt the root causes behind the blocking status of whole sales to So Yumm sausage

We take a survey to reach 5W-questions: What brand w/s like best? Why w/s like? What & How they earn profits? Why w/s refuse SO? What do they want? With focused wholesales in 7 district at centre and suburb region in HCMC: 3, 7, Binh Thanh, Go Vap, Tan Phu, Thu Duc, Hoc Mon. The methods is randomly visits with sales team for sales status, financial focused interviews for profitable mechanics, close & semi structure questions , mystery shopping, interviews with formers and staffs.


KingBee built up the concept of interventions which aims to recruit mass wholesales actors to involve actively in distribution system and counter proposed trade policies.



KingBee use the Real time location Solution to double-layer supervision via Mobile Apps for each PG & Supervisor to ensure quality. 

• Cloud technology facilitating real-time-location, easy to use
• Smartphone data entry in photo & figure/text, all reports synchronized to central system, high accuracy and less data input
• Accounts for brands to view real-time reports online
• Support on analytics, report generation and management alert for better tracking
PG's job description:
• Merchandising & Display at Wholesalers’: 
• Support on Sales-in, Sales-out  & Data collection
• Compliance
Sup's job description:
• Each Sup will have an assigned round map, changed daily
• He can only check in the system when he is at the site (GPS already keyed in system)
• Check and make real-time-location report in photo, figures & text from his mobile app:
     - Behaviour/attitude of PGs
     - Working procedure of PGs
     - Uniforms  & POSM
     - Results and reports by PGs
 In case finding any violation during the implementation, Supervisors will ask for:
     - Adjustment directly with the PGs
     - Inform PM for fixing POSM if necessary, major issues 
• Remind and learning will be made in the next team meeting to avoid repetition.
• Check time: randomly 10% for 15 minutes/site
KingBee Activation Campaigns (2) Sampling and actvation campaign with Washington Apple