KingBee Activation

Modern Trade Display Audit Tet 2015

- QC/Merchandising Audit


KingBee's comprehensive solution:

We organized a skillful QC team, available nationwide,  equipped with Mobile Apps and sophisticated Real Time Location software to solve the Pepsi’s challenges.

   - Reporting in figures and photos real-time-location to ensure transparency.

   - Optimizing the route map and maximize working productivity.

   - Creating accounts for Brands to view reports Real-Time-Location on the system.

   - To timely solve problem at site if necessary.

   - 624 Supermakets + CVS nationwide, 3,836 visits, 58 auditors, 04 weeks.


Master working flow:

  • Import Data:

      - Store list

      - Audit criteria (polygram...)

      - Compliance rules & punishment

      - Organization chart

      - Task description for QC

      - Report template

      - Change request as per Pepsi's approval


Project_Pepsi MT Audit_SOS Analytics


Project_Pepsi MT Audit_POSM Display Audit


  • System generate:

      - MCP

      - Route map

      - Account and rights

  • QC's daily task:

      - Log in and download round map of the day.

      - Check-in

      - Implement tasks as guideline

      - Real time location report

      - Check out

  • Review and adjustment:

      - Review daily reports

      - Adjustment proposal if necessary

      - Make changes as per Pepsi’s agreement


Project_Pepsi MT Audit_Photos reports


Project_Pepsi MT Audit_Activation Audit



Project_Pepsi MT Audit_HR Management

KingBee Activation Campaigns (2) Sampling and actvation campaign with Washington Apple