KingBee Activation


Many of our sampling projects have been integrated with activation or sales service as per the requirements from brands. However, there are still some case studies of purely sampling.

Our strict management of sample products can be considered as one of our strength beside the efficient audit by a useful real-time-location mobile application.

Beside modern trade and general trade, we already experienced sampling on open trade channels such as office buildings, bus and rail way stations, boat decks and schools around Viet Nam.

You can see more about our previous sampling campaigns in the below links. And please do not hesitate to contact us here for more information.


  • Sampling campaign for Golia Plus on open trade channels

    Sampling Campaigns for Golia Plus on open trade channels


    Sampling Campaign for So Yumm Sausage at wholesalers

    Sampling Campaign for SoYumm Sausage at wholesalers



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