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QC/Merchandising Audit

With QC-Audit Mobile Apps service:

- Mobile Apps to rank display/merchadising able to be customized as Brand's wishes.

- Reports in figures and photos real-time-location to ensure transparency.

- Account for Brands to view reports online on the system to cut cost of QC.

- KingBee has skillfuls QC team, available nationwide, equipped with mobile app, to be mobilized at once.

QC Audit Mobile app services by KingBee


The advantages brands can get with Mobile app Solution:

- Able to check eạh shop daily.

- Define accurate time of work, lateness by auditors as per real time.

- Define real location of auditors thanks to GPRS.

- Photos (display, activities, uniforms, POSM...) and figures submitted right away to he system via 3G.

- View online reports on activities, display & merchandising at sites from back end and ask for changes on the spot.

- Cut costs of QC-audit in comparision to the traditional solution

- Accurate numbers, less data entry

- Deploy widely at the same time


Advantage with Mobile App

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KingBee Activation Services QC/Merchandising Audit