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Activation Services at KingBee Activation Agency


The activation services of KingBee Activation Agency offer clients the flexibility to use a full package to maximize the brand exposure and traffic attraction or a single service to support your marketing campaign. In many below the line marketing campaign that our agency has carried out for our clients, the focus is not only to draw qualified traffics but also to generate sales leads and to impress the brandTo see more details of each service and successful campaigns of our activation marketing agencyplease click the links below.



Sampling service

Many of our sampling projects have been integrated with activation or sales service as per the requirements from brands. However, there are still some case studies of purely sampli [ ... ]


Activation service

KingBee activation team has been acknowledged for both creative and interactive concept to align the customers’ activities to brands’ messages, properties and wishes. Each activat [ ... ]

Events/Press Conferences

Event-Conferences services

Event planning and management has been considered as one of our best competencies for many years by our clients. They do not only appreciate the events’ concept but also the detail [ ... ]

Trade sales

Trade sale service

KingBee has successfully delivered several Trade Sales projects to clients, mostly in FMCG. We have many advantages to ensure KPIs in the challenging Trade Sales projects: a large [ ... ]

QC/Merchandising Audit

QC/Merchandising Audit

With QC-Audit Mobile Apps service: - Mobile Apps to rank display/merchadising able to be customized as Brand's wishes. - Reports in figures and photos real-time-location to ensur [ ... ]

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